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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Human Temptation !

      I came across this while i was walking from Vascular Surgery class to Infectious diseases lecture ...
      In this photo i needed to show the reality of our time - upper right corner the suffering nature, i had given that small space to show how much we think about it in our everyday life. The fence dividing the 2 worlds - man made from God made :) the church is a man made building in the name of the God but if we really think retrospectively, you think God really needed that thing from us - on the other hand church symbolizes the current world/ present time. The back ground objects hit you the greedy plans of humans for the future - non stoppable development in the name of the civilization.
      If you see the photo from upper right to the lower left you will see the past, present and future :) 
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Saturday, April 19, 2014

The moment !

     I got this while I'm sitting in my favorite place of the city, coffee shop :)
     Here you will see 3 different stories in a one frame... first is the usual interaction of good friends in a coffee shop - our traditional and the best way to maintain our relationships. Second story starts as soon as you passed the first, guy who was using the mobile while searching something in his bag and coffee waits for him - this is how badly our life had been over shadowed by the technology. Third and my favorite, lonely girl who sits n enjoying the coffee as it is the most precious ... i looked around and saw she was not the only one, i too a one of them. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

On the way from polyclinic therapy

I had a really nice time with the patients and the doctors during my practice. We didn't even feel how the days went.
I got this through a windscreen :)